Vastushastram for Residential

General tips for house

  • Choose the plots facing East/North directions. It is ideal to avoid the ones facing West/South directions, yet, not compulsory.
  • Choosing plots should be Square or Rectangular in Shape. Avoid Irregular shaped plots.
  • The construction should be more towards the South-West corner than to North-East corner.
  • There should be no closed building structures till the boundary of your site in any directions.
  • North-East should be light weighted as against South-West, which should be taller and heavy weighted comparatively.
  • There should be no extensions or cuts at the corners of the building.
  • Stumpy/low ground level in North-East and balanced/high level in all other directions is must for the building structure. (Please note that North-East relates to intellect/brain & North-West relates to psyche/mind)
  • Main Entrance : Irrespective of the direction, the main gate/door/entrance should be at (1), (2), (3), (4)(Positive Directions). It’s the same for room entrances too. The external gate/door/entrances should be numbered in (1), (2), (4), (6), (8) form.

  1. Main Entrance facing East direction close to North direction.
  2. Main Entrance facing North direction close to East direction.
  3. Main Entrance facing South direction close to East direction.
  4. Main Entrance facing West direction close to North direction.
  • Construction of lofts should be at West & South walls only.
  • Northwest is best suited for lavatories.
  • Length and breadth of the rooms do not have any impact as per Vastu.
  • The Seating position in lavatory should be in North facing OR South facing.
  • Don’t put high ceiling at any portion of the house.
  • Septic tank should be constructed at the North West Portion of the house.
  • Sump should be constructed at the Northeast portion of the house.

A Staircase is a series of steps connecting different levels in a Building. In a House with more than one level, the Staircase will be used everyday, a number of times. Hence the Staircase should be comfortably designed for the users.

  • The open staircase with cantilever can be at North-West, South-East and South-West corners are the best.
  • Strictly avoid internal and external staircase in North-East Corner.
  • Avoid building staircases lining with East and North internal walls.
  • Avoid constructing closed internal staircase at the four corners of a house.
  • Avoid closed staircase structures in the external. Open staircase are best suited.
  • Avoid rooms and lavatories of any kind under the external staircases.

  • Between the compound wall & mother wall, leave more open space in the North & East side; And comparatively lesser space in the South & West.
  • Lower the height of East compound wall than that of the West; similarly lesser should be the height of North compound wall than the South.
  • Avoid incomplete, broken and cut architecture in the mother wall of the elevation. It has to be a perfect square or rectangle in shape.
  • Do not joint compound wall with the room walls. Compound walls should be always kept distinct.

  • Living room should be constructed at the North-East corner of the house.
  • Living room should provide with Windows both at the north and east of the northeast corner.
  • North side window should be close to East wall and East window should be close to North wall.
  • Study Room also can provide at the North East portion.
  • TV & Showcases can be kept at the South & West wall of living room in the house.
  • North Door should be close to East wall & East Door should be close to North wall.
  • Provide Weightless Sofa and Chairs at the North East portion and that can be placed at South and West directions.
  • Power Box should not kept at the North East portion of the living room.
  • Loft and Shelf provide only at the South & West wall of the North East living room.
  • Do not construct the toilet at North East corner in the house.
  • Lofts which is constructed at the South wall should not touch the East Wall & the lofts which is constructed at the West wall should not touch the North wall.
  • Do not construct the Sit out at the North East corner in the house.

  • Kitchen should be provided at the South East corner of the house. Optionally it can be constructed at the North-West portion.
  • While cooking face East direction in the kitchen. (Both South-East & North-West)
  • Kitchen slap should not touch the North wall in the South East Kitchen.
  • Windows should be provided at the East wall of the kitchen & it should be close to North direction.
  • Also provide window at the south wall of the kitchen and it should be close to East direction.
  • Sink should be kept at the North East corner of the Kitchen.
  • Store room can be provided at South West corner of the Kitchen.
  • Do not provide Utility room at the South East corner in the house
  • Do not provide attach Wash room at the South East corner of the kitchen in the house.
  • Loft and Shelf provide only at the South & West wall of the kitchen.
  • Exhaust Fan should be provide at the South wall of the kitchen.
  • Kitchen entrance should be provide at the North of North East corner in the South East portion.
  • Kitchen back door should be provide only at the South of South East corner in the house.
  • Do not provide the Arch open in between the South East kitchen and Dining room.
  • We can provide the Square or Rectangle open in between the South East Kitchen and Dining room.

Bathroom is the integral part of the house. Construction of the bathroom should be in appropriate place. Wrong construction leads many problems in the house. Both physical and mental.

  • Northwest direction recommended for constructing bathroom and toilets.
  • In Bedrooms also Bathroom should come at the Northwest portion.
  • Geyser can be placed at the Northwest or Southeast portion of the bathroom.
  • Bathrooms should not be constructed at Northeast, Southwest and Southeast corners of the house.
  • Ventilation should be provided at the West and North walls.
  • Don’t construct Bathrooms near the kitchen.
  • The Seating position in lavatory should be in North facing OR South facing .
  • Water closet can be put at the South and West walls of the bathroom.

  • Balcony can be constructed at all the four directions of the house.
  • The construction of the balcony should not exceed the compound wall.
  • Balcony should be constructed as of cantilever model.
  • Floor level and the roof level of the balcony should be uniform.
  • It should not be constructed as closed structure.

A bedroom is a solitary sanctuary, a place that offers deep nurturing for the body and soul. However, despite its significance we tend to neglect this area while paying extra attention to the more “public” rooms of the house. Remember, a bedroom is the most important part of an accommodation as it’s linked to the inmate’s sleep, intimacy, solitude and dreams.

  • Master Bedroom should come at the Southwest portion of the house.
  • Main door of the bedroom should be at the Positive direction.
  • Windows also should be  in the positive direction.
  • Attached toilet should come at the Northwest portion of the bed room.
  • Lofts and shelves should be constructed at the South and West walls.
  • Don’t put false ceiling in the bedroom.
  • If the bedroom is at the NorthEast portion of the house it should be used by the Children and old aged people.
  • Lockers can be kept at SouthWest corner of the bedroom facing North.

Presently, I trust that every one of us need to have a decent auto that should take us wherever we need, at whatever point we need and simply the way we need (lavishly). In this modern world, whether we own or rent for a house the most predominant thing we look for is a portico. Nowadays owning a car or bike is a common thing so providing a separate area for car parking is must. So, before constructing a car parking try to follow certain vastu rules. Making use of some vastu rules makes your house better. Generally we can construct a car parking by providing a separate space within the house or making use of some space in the building construction itself.

According To Andal Vastu - Car Parking:

  • Now, if we provide a separate garage it should be constructed at the north-west, south-east or south-west part of the house.
  • Never provide the garage at the north-east part of the house. And the most important thing we should follow is that the garage construction should not touch the compound wall and the building it should constructed separately.
  • Next if we can provide the portico space as a part of the building construction.
  • It should not come at the north-east part of the building.
  • Be careful that there should not be any pillar structure or any supporting structure from the roof level to ground level of the building for the car portico because it will extend the particular corner of the house. Instead make a cantilever type extension as you need from the roof level of the building.
  • So, that it does not need any supporting structure.
  • And the final important thing is never proving the basement of the building for car parking.

Nowadays children are the future pillars of our home and the society. So, education for the children is considered as most important for their bright future. Mostly student complaints that they are not able to concentrate on studies. This is because of not providing a right place for children for their study. Providing auspicious place for the children study is a prominent one. And also vastu plays a major role in it. According to vastu proper direction improves concentration in studies.

According to Andal Vastu:

  • Study room for the children should be provided only at the North East portion of the house.
  • There should be compulsory windows in north and east wall. The windows should be opened for 24 * 7. Study room should have more ventilation on both North and East directions.
  • The placement of study table is important for concentration. You should place study table facing East or North.
  • Do make sure that the child should face East or North while studying. Then the study table should be in square or rectangle in shape and moreover make it more comfy for children.
  • Then never fix the study table permanently in the room make movable.Avoid placing bookshelf above study table. It may create unnecessary stress for child.
  • Never dump the children in a dark room structure, because more ventilation provides more energy.
  • And another important thing is never provide any beam structure in children room it may affect their concentration while studying.
  • Then the book shelves should be placed at the south and west wall of the room.
  • It is best to leave central portion of study room empty.
  • Never dumb the study room with heavy materials. It should be kept empty as much as possible.
  • Then lastly the colour of the room should be light since it is auspicious for children studies.

Septic tanks are often made randomly with no consideration which however causes various problems to occupants. The concept of septic individual tank in house was invented few decades ago and now it is a necessity. The pit for septic is usually dug in the ground which according to Vastu should be done with caution as any discrepancy could lead to negativity thus making the environment polluted.
According to Andal Vastu:

  • Septic tank should come at the northwest portion of the house.
  • Make sure that septic tank should not come at north east, South East and South west.
  • Make sure the drainage pipes in toilet and bathroom have their passage in the West or North-west.
  • Septic tank should come outside house and should come inside the compound wall. And also it should not touch the compound wall and the mother wall.
  • It should always be constructed to the ground level and must not touch the main wall of house i.e. compound wall.
  • Make sure the drainage pipes in toilet and bathroom have their passage in the West or North-west.
  • Avoid drainage pipes in Southern portion of house and if it has been made then ensure that their passage should be made in East or North.

Water is one of the noteworthy components among Panchbhootas that constitute the whole idea of Vastu-Shastram. The position of well and bore well in a house ought to be appropriate in order to pick up benefits and general success. There are some arrangement of principles include in Vastu for the area of underground well and bore well and it has been watched that well or bore well if set wrong way prompts various issues as far as wellbeing, riches and success.

According to Andal Vastu Bore Well or Well Sholud Be In The Following Rule:

  • Bore well or well should be located in North East part of the home or plot.
  • Bore well or well should not located in south, south west, west, north west part of the home or plot.
  • It should not placed in the diagonal part of north east corner of the home.
  • The well should not surrounded by wall, because it may cause ill effects.
  • Close the well if there is no water in the well.

Vastu for Dining room - one of the important place of the house which ought to be carefully arranged. It is constantly great to have the lounge area, closer the kitchen or even connected to it.

According to Andal Vastu:

  • Dining area in East is best, in North is second best.
  • It is more comfortable when the kitchen is attached with dining hall. Build kitchen and dining area on same floor.
  • Square or rectangular dining tables are best; avoid circular, oval or any other shape as far as possible.
  • Place the dining table towards South-West corner of dining area, but make sure that dining table doesn’t touch wall. Also keep enough space between dining chair and wall so that anyone can get up easily.
  • Do not place dining table under a beam.
  • Use North-East of dining area to keep drinking water.
  • Do not attach any toilets to dining place, but a place for washing utensils or clothes is acceptable.
  • Main door of the house and entrance door of dining room should not face each other.
  • Build kitchen and dining area on same floor.
  • Best colors for dining room walls are pink, orange, yellow, cream or off-white.

Worship is considered to be a most essential thing of every human life for their accomplishment and growth. Nowadays there are different religions and different types of worship undergoing in this world. At end worship is never fail to remember by the people in their house. So, in view of devotion to god every one used to adore a pooja room in their house. It is one of the auspicious things for everyone to deliver the devotion over their religious. So before allocating a place for a pooja room, we need to clarify certain vastu tips for pooja room.

  • Best place for pooja room is Southeast portion. Optionally It can be provided at North west portion.
  • So many of the vastu consultant says that North east is a right place for pooja room, but make a point that it is very unsafe.
  • Place less god photos which are considered to be most important in your worship.
  • Pooja room should not be in center of home i.eBramasthanam.
  • Not advisable to have yenthrams.
  • Don’t keep more than one lamp(deepam).
  • Never use god idol which is heights more than 4 inches.
  • Every hindu should have Kamakshi Amman Vilaku(lamp).
  • Place the god photos facing towards east. Never provide a room for pooja since we can provide as a cupboard structure. So that our legs would never disturb the god photos.
  • Use only silver and copper properties.
  • Lighting a kamatchiamman lamp for 24/7 is too good and powerful