Residential Vastu Tips

General tips for house

  • Choose the plots facing the East/North directions. It is ideal to avoid the ones facing the West/South directions, yet, not necessarily.
  • Chosen plots should be Square or Rectangular in Shape. Avoid Irregular shaped plots.
  • The construction should be more towards the South-West corner rather than the North-East corner.
  • There should be no closed building structures till the boundary of your site, in any direction.
  • North-East should be light weighted as against South-West, which should be taller and heavy weighted comparatively.
  • There should be no extensions or cuts at the corners of the building.
  • Stumpy/low ground level in the North-East and balanced/high level in all other directions is mandatory for the building structure. (Please note that the North-East relates to intelligence/brain & North-West relates to psyche/mind)
  • Main Entrance: Irrespective of the direction, the main gate/door/entrance should be at (1), (2), (3), (4) (Positive Directions). It’s the same for room entrances too. The external gate/door/entrances should be numbered in (1), (2), (4), (6), (8) form.

  1. Main Entrance facing East direction close to North direction.
  2. Main Entrance facing North direction close to East direction.
  3. Main Entrance facing South direction close to East direction.
  4. Main Entrance facing West direction close to North direction.
  • Construction of lofts should be on the West & South walls only.
  • Northwest is best suited for lavatories.
  • Length and breadth of the rooms do not have any impact as per Vastu.
  • The seating position in lavatory should be north facing or South facing.
  • No high ceiling at any portion of the house.
  • Septic tank should be constructed at the North-West portion of the house.
  • Sump should be constructed at the North-east portion of the house.