About Remedies

Vastu has little to do with religion and also there is no place for machine, mantra, ritual, protective thread and conjuring games in Vastu. It is strongly believed that Vastu is a Structure of Science and promises heaven and prosperity to those who believe in it. Ideally, if it is true that snake’s poison is the antidote for snake’s poison, then we have to believe that the solution for the problem of the place lies in the place itself.

Nowadays, life has become hectic in this metro world and vastu is not considered in all the places by the people. Albeit, one cannot ignore the fact that vastu brings peace and harmony and thereby becomes an essential part of life. There are buildings all over the universe and if vastu is not applied, problems would arise. Fortunately, no problem is without a remedy and the remedy for such problems is vastu. There are no compromises for buildings that have not applied vastu and there are no external remedies that can be offered for a problematic accommodation. Then, what are the remedies that we have to consider in vastu? These remedies have nothing to do with money, All the same, it is considered to be the solution for the people who believe in vastu and nature. Natural remedies for these problems pave way for successful survival.