West side of my house have empty backyard compared to east, north & south. Is it good or bad. If bad kindly let me know the solution?

Yes. This is a non-compliance with Vastu principle. East and North should have more open space compared with West and South should. To quick fix this, you can opt to cut-off your empty west area with a separated compound wall & disconnect with it., The western empty backyard should have no connection with your building or be accessible with your original compound wall entry.

In my family myself, my brother & my dad all are jobless last 1 year. Is it because of Vastu? If yes kindly advise me the solution?

Yes. You are absolutely correct. The problematic zones could be North & East. North and East sides should not have common walls. These sides should be having openable windows. Keep the windows in North & East always opened.

Also ensure there are no staircases(both internal and external), Pooja room, High ceiling,Bathroom/Lavatory, Store room/Kitchen/Portico, Sewage/septic tank, Trees,Inverter/Generator/EB Box, Over-head water storage tank, in the NorthEast.In addition, internal staircase and external closed staircase, Pooja room, Kitchen, Bathroom/Lavatory, Windows/doors/openness of any nature, Inverter/Generator/EB Box, Low ceiling, Sewage/septic tank, Corner cut Portico, T Junction, Well/Bore, Pit/Dimple/Dent, should not be prevailing in the SouthWest direction.

Pls check on these aspects and rectify to reap a prosperous life.

In my house ladies can't live ? If they live also they always have medical expenditure. Is it related to vastu? If yes what's the solution?

Yes. Vastu is the key reason.

Few foundational considerations could be that:

  • The plot & construction should necessarily be a perfect square or rectangle.
  • To ensure there are no bore-well, well, overhead tank in the North-West & South-East directions.
Having & growing Dog as pet animal in home is it related to vastu? If yes who can have female pet dog at home & who can have male pet dog at home or is it better to have both dogs at home?

Yes. Petting a dog at home has proven benefits in absorbing the negative energy & leveraging the positive healing in the house.

While with selecting the gender of the pet dog, one has to consider the location of the plot, sizing of the building & the style of construction. Generalizing on the gender may not be apt. Also, without understanding the facts, grooming both male and female together, may not be a genuine advice.

Important matters to be noted before buying house or land:?
  • We must assess if the land we are planning to buy is of

    First, Second, Third or Fourth grade and Shops, Factories, Complexes,

    Apartments, Marriage Halls or any other big buildings.

  • We must know the surroundings set up before buying.
  • Importantly one must see the land is square or rectangle

    or crooked/angular.

  • Must see if there is a scope leaving enough space to the

    sky when we plan to build a house.

  • We can buy the land adjoining our land, if it comes up for

    sale. Must see because of that our will gateways become bad?

  • We must consider if buying the adjacent land will bring

    good or bad to us

  • When we go to sale a part of our land, we must consider

    which part is good, which part is bad to us post sales.

  • We must see if the street/road has any impact on the land.
  • We must see if there are Vastu exalted and indispensible

    elevated/lower portion near the land. We must consider before

    buying the land.

  • We must see if any water streams near the house are. If

    they are there, we must deliberate if we can buy the house.

  • If the road or street ends at the house, can we buy that

    house? Like this we must consider all angles before we decide

    to buy or sell a house.

What are the good times for consulting for Vastu?
  • Vastu must be consulted before buying Shops, Factories,

    Complexes, Apartments, Marriage Halls or any other big buildings.

  • Before starting on the Initial floor plan/design for the

    construction aforesaid buildings.

  • Vastu experts’ advice may be taken before buying old buildings

    and factories.

  • Stagnation in business, Financial Problem, Problems affecting

    the family : To know the benefits of Vastu and for corrective

    measures to be undertaken – Vastu experts may be consulted.

  • When underground construction ie construction cellar, Vastu

    expert’s advice may be taken.

  • When we decide to buy land adjacent to our house or land

    – we must take advice on if the buying the adjoining land is

    good or bad to us.

  • Before expanding or altering to our convenience using mason

    renovating our living house or building Vastu expert’s advice

    may be taken.

  • When renting house we may take Vastu advice. While portioning

    the property, vastu expert’s advice may be taken.

How to partition the hereditary property among brothers in the best way, from Vastu point of view?

Anyone can take any part, but it is important to construct building leaving good space in between the two parts on North and East side.

Will any good or bad happen in buying ground that is near a temple?

No God thinks about harming their follower. But it will be good if temple’s tower is not on the North or East of the house. More over it is good if constructing any building, without touching the temple, leaving enough space from the temple.

Can window be there on the Head gateway?

It is good to have windows on both sides of the Head door.

How to build two houses if we have to split the ground and construct?

If two houses have to be built in the same ground, first it must be built on South or West. Then another house can be built on East or North.

Can the Pictures of Pooja room be hung in the office in the same ways that are hung in the house?

In the pooja room pictures must hung facing the East. Not facing the South. North and West are second and third only.

If Bedrooms are separate for people, who should sleep where?

Bedroom on the south is good for everybody. South west is good for young couple. North East is good for aged people. Even for Children and infants north east is very good. North West is good for girls and guests. More over Southwest is very good for elders and Family heads -husband and wife.

Can separate room be set up for Study?

Depending upon the space available and environment, if study room has to be set up, it can be set up on the North or East side. The studying children must be studying facing East or North.

Street top or Street in right angle -T Junction?

Street top is where the street is in right angle to the house or starts in front of the house. There are good or bad street tops

Why NE corner of the house is so auspicious? Why should we keep it open?

NE Corner is the head portion of a house. This is corner is a main thing which leads to success. The energy from the sun enters this way is very important for a house. That is main reason NE corner is kept open.

Is vastu applicable only to Hindus?

No, Vastu is not a religious matter it is applicable to the human who owns the earth as a shelter and sun as god.

Is the shape of the plot is important in vastu?

Yes, While buying plot it necessary to note the shape of the plot. The plot should in either Square or Rectangle. The should be no cuts or extensions at any corners.

It is said that only North or East facing plots are good, is it?

Buying a plot facing all four directions is advisable. The only thing is if it is a East/North facing plot It is easy to plan and construct when compare to South and west facing plots.