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Q: West side of my house have empty backyard compared to east, north & south. Is it good or bad. If bad kindly let me know the solution?

Q: In my family myself, my brother & my dad all are jobless last 1 year. Is it because of Vastu? If yes kindly advise me the solution?

Q: In my house ladies can't live ? If they live also they always have medical expenditure. Is it related to vastu? If yes what's the solution?

Q: Having & growing Dog as pet animal in home is it related to vastu? If yes who can have female pet dog at home & who can have male pet dog at home or is it better to have both dogs at home?

Q: Important matters to be noted before buying house or land:?

Q: What are the good times for consulting for Vastu?

Q: How to partition the hereditary property among brothers in the best way, from Vastu point of view?

Q: Will any good or bad happen in buying ground that is near a temple?

Q: Can window be there on the Head gateway?

Q: How to build two houses if we have to split the ground and construct?

Q: Can the Pictures of Pooja room be hung in the office in the same ways that are hung in the house?

Q: If Bedrooms are separate for people, who should sleep where?

Q: Can separate room be set up for Study?

Q: Street top or Street in right angle -T Junction?

Q: Why NE corner of the house is so auspicious? Why should we keep it open?

Q: Is vastu applicable only to Hindus?

Q: Is the shape of the plot is important in vastu?

Q: It is said that only North or East facing plots are good, is it?