Commercial Vastu Tips

Vastu tips for Factories & Industries

Factories and Industries are considered to be larger establishments, as they are constructed on huge areas. Thus it makes things more complicated when compared to residential buildings. Even though the vastu fundamentals or the principles broadly remain the same, they differ in placing the heavy machinery, products, raw materials etc. Given below are some vastu tips which should be followed and are universally applicable in the construction of industries and factories.

  • The water plant which is under the ground should be constructed at the North- East portion of the total area.
  • The buildings should be constructed at the South-West portion of the total area of the plot.
  • Heavy machinery and raw materials should be placed at the South-West portion of the industries and factories.
  • Rooms which are used for storing raw materials should be at the South-West portion of the building.
  • Dumping the waste materials in the South-West portion and Scrap at the North-West portion is advisable.
  • AC-Plant / Generator / Boilers / Furnaces should be kept at the South-East portion.
  • Construction of the Labourers’ quarters outside the factory / Industry premises is preferable.